Tax the Rich, PLEASE. Do it yesterday.

When I left my house this morning to drive around the neighbourhood (because what else is there to do), I mentioned to my mom that the Federal budget dropped today.
her response was to say “we’re all going to be paying 75% in taxes for the next 50 years.”

 I don’t agree. I also know that if things keep flip flopping along the way they have been, she might be right, but that won’t be sustainable for the general population.

We live in a very rich country – monetarily, people in Canada theoretically have a lot of money.

I have been told by both my Liberal and Conservative representatives that social services that would prevent people from falling into poverty “just won’t work” due to fiscal matters.
I call bullshit.

Actual policies that will help people get ahead cannot continue being funded by the portion of the population that is being taxed.

Equitable taxation would pull money from businesses and individuals who have too much. And yes, you CAN have too much.

We need nationalized telecom (which has become obvious today), we need to fund colleges and universities so that communities that depend on institutions like Laurentian don’t get left out to rot, we need a way to cover dental and optical procedures and accessories that don’t leave Un-insured people with rotting gums, or no glasses. We need fairer workplace laws to make sure people who are sick aren’t forced to choose between working and other people’s health.

It’s all possible, achievable, and frankly, urgent. But we’re seeing incremental advancement from the Federal Liberals, and damaging austerity from the Provincial Conservatives.  Neither of these paths are helpful.

Bold, ethical, action needs to be taken by politicians who want to help citizens, not bow to corporations. 

Written by
Jack Fisher

Jack Fisher is an independent journalist. He holds a BAH from the University of Guelph, and a post-graduate certificate from Sheridan College in journalism.
@Jack_Fisher_4 on Twitter and Instagram

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Written by Jack Fisher