Editorial: Black Lives Matter and defund the police

I contend that you should consider that police are the direct result of a broken system that was built on violence meant specifically to divide our population along racial lines.

This violence has hundreds of years of history going back to before your grandfather’s great-great-grandfather’s great-great-great-grandmother was born.

And consider please, that a system built like that – to devalue the “other” (regardless of your personal opinion) – is going to collapse because humans are literally NOT different races.

Devaluing billions of people based on the colour of their skin is not a course of action that ends in peace.

WE are not smarter, we are not better, we are not individually more powerful than someone who looks different than us.

“Us” is a misnomer. We should be human, embracing our differences, not using them to draw conclusions about other people’s intelligence, class, ability, or wherewithal.
(this isn’t me saying “I don’t see colour.” This is me saying you should appreciate the differences you see in people, not profile them based on your preconceived biases).

You may be one of those people who does have more power in our society. However, it’s likely that your power is derived from the privilege you were born with and the opportunities that your privilege has provided to you.
Regardless, you will never be “better” than other people, no matter who you are.
The worst of us is our highest measure.

And so, a society built on inequality – an unbalanced society – WILL tip and fall.
If you are a person who has the capacity to empathize, I beg that you put yourself in the shoes of the folks on the news right now before you pass judgement.
(If you have no empathy, message me. What’s your deal? How does this work? Why don’t you care?)

There’s a lot going on down south, there’s a lot going on in the world.
We’re in the middle of a health-based pandemic (not-fun), and the middle of a constant human-justice crisis in North America (less-fun).

Judge not.
Do your best to support each other.
This is not about government, or a political party (although it can be portrayed as such by those who wish to divide the empathetic from those who need empathy), and if you see lines in the sand where there are no lines, you are helping draw those lines.
We need to recognize those who HAVE drawn lines and devalue THEIR power to affect change because they will not help the people who need help.

This is not about “your” country, this is not about “your” city.
This is about OUR neighbours. Neighbours who exist everywhere we are, and everywhere we have not been.
Embrace positive change. Decry your apathy.

Black Lives Matter

Indigenous Lives Matter
Trans Lives Matter

I’ve said my three cents. More than I was owed.
I will continue retweeting news on my twitter account @jack_fisher_4.
I hope people stay safe and avoid injury and illness. I hope the police will choose to walk away and avoid violence.

My hopes mean nothing.

I believe that justice will overcome.

I hope that means something.

Here is a list of things you should consider doing right now that Crystal shared on Instagram yesterday:

Stay safe.


This piece was originally posted on Facebook.

Written by
Jack Fisher

Jack Fisher is an independent journalist. He holds a BAH from the University of Guelph, and a post-graduate certificate from Sheridan College in journalism.
@Jack_Fisher_4 on Twitter and Instagram

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Written by Jack Fisher